How to take care of Merino Wool

How to wash and dry wool clothes


Ideally, wash woolen items by hand.

Fill a container with cold water, add the soap or detergent that you use to wash clothes. Then place the garment and tighten it gently.

Once the garment has been rinsed and cleaned, drain it as much as possible without twisting. Repeat this process until excess water has been removed. If you want to add a few drops of soft vinegar in the last rinse, this serves to maintain the color of the wool.


Other care for wool garments


Avoid cleaning wool garments with hot water and take care to touch up the garments. Wool fabrics are very sensitive to these two things. To wash woolen clothes, use mild detergents and be sure to remove them well from the garments.

To dry the wool clothes, help yourself with a towel that absorbs all the water and then let the garment dry on a flat surface, never hang it as it could stretch