About Us

Uruguay is located in the Southeast of South America. Its temperate climate and large pasture lands are excellent for sheep breeding in a natural, renewable and self-sustainable environment.

Animals graze in the open air in natural grasslands that receive a constant ratio of rainfalls and sun all the year round. Uruguay complies with all the necessary requirements for animal welfare.

Wool production has been one of the most important activities in Uruguay since last century. Uruguayan wool has an excellent quality and is free from mulesing; its characteristics add high value to the industrial processes and products resulting from it.

Fine and superfine wool is highly demanded all over the world due to its notable characteristics making it an appropriate fiber for all types of uses and weather. Consequently, Uruguay has been gradually increasing its wool production capacity within the 15-20 micron range.

Uruguay combing capacity is about 24 million kilos of wool tops, placing it as the second world exporter of this type of product.

Our mission is to support a group of Uruguayan women, who woolen garments hand-woven on racks or on looms. Their respect and care for the environment is vital for these women who have their wools with carque, onion peel or pitangas, all natural products.